designed for you

Whatever your requirements are we can build a solution that will excel for you. All of our solutions exceed the requirements set down by Bloomberg, Fidessa and other trading systems.

Assembled and Tested

Every system is built by hand by our engineers and undergoes a 24 hour burn test to guarantee every component works and is stable. Our quality control procedure covers this and many other items, such as Windows and Linux stability and ensuring all device firmware is fully up to date.

Everything Designed to Work ToGether

It can take weeks to research and find the right combination of components to remove any compatibility issues. When you give us your requirements, which can be anything from a list of applications you need to run to an entire specification, we will do all this hard work for you. This ensures that when your system is delivered there are no surprises.

Peace of Mind

Despite all of the tests our systems go through components can occasionally fail. Every system comes with a 3 year return to base warranty as standard and our technical team are available 7 days a week.

OPTIMISED for Trading 

All of our systems are designed to exceed the requirements of the most common trading applications.